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About Us

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We embrace innovation to create new opportunities for clients like you to experience latest technology audio visual, IT related products, Office Furniture ,Modular Furniture and services at affordable pricing.

Technological Convergence is the synergistic combination of voice and telephony features, data, productivity applications and video. These previously separate technologies are now able to share resources and interact with each other creating new efficiencies.

Our turnkey solutions will provide you with a single point of contact for equipment, installation and implementation of a working system.

We are an India (New Delhi) based company with extensive experience in the audio visual field, office furniture system, Modular Furniture and specialize in installations and system integration. We deliver a wide range of services including but not limited to distribution, direct sales to the corporate market, installations, services, repairs, consultations, maintenance, etc.

Our Product Range Includes

Audio Visual Equipments

LED Projector, LCD Projector, LCD Plasma ,LED Plasma , Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Visualizer, Interactive Board, Touch Panel ,Room Wizard, Home Theatre Systems, Wireless Conference Systems and then also your more traditional equipment like overhead projectors, whiteboards, flexi-rail systems, CCTV Cameras/Dome Camerss, wall screens, flipcharts, etc.

Information Multimedia

Digital Podium, Realtech Podium, Digital Information Kiosk , Wooden Digital Lectern, Metal digital Lectern , Smart Digital Podium Etc.

Audio Visual Accessories

Ceiling mount kit, Wall mount kit, Motorize lift, Floor Stand, Swivel Tilt mount, Cameras Indoor Outdoor Brackets, Video wall brackets, Digital Cube Stands Cable Cubby, Motorized Screen, Manual Screen, Writing Boards, Pin Boards, Laser Pointer, HDMI Cables, VGA Cables, RCA Cables, S-Video Cables We keep stock of spares and lamps on all projector models imported by us. We carry stock on all spec lamps in the market and can supply lamps for other brands projectors as well.

Office Furniture

Office Chair, Tables, Work Stations, Almirah, Book Shelves, Filing Cabinets, Conference Table, Storage Racks Etc.

Modular Furniture

Modular Kitchen, LCD Racks, Almirah, Wardrobes, shoe Racks Etc.

Our Sales Team

is experienced in their field with good product knowledge and excellent people's skills and the administrative and other supportive personnel form an infrastructure with a strong backbone to secure effective after sales service.

We value your investment with us and look forward to a long-term business relationship with you.


Our biggest asset is our track record in the market place for reliable and efficient after sales service. We have a client base of 7 years from all industries in the market place that supports us.


Our biggest challenge is to choose the right new products with good back up from an importer that will compliment our existing range of products and increase and maintain our knowledge on these new products on an ongoing basis.


The company was founded by Surjeet Singh in 2002. Surjeet Singh has 8 years experience in the AV industry and Interior Decoration which has been invaluable in terms of product knowledge, competitor brands, etc. He is managing the company and is still actively involved in day to day sales.


Our strategy in crisis management is to identify the problem and then to systematically eliminate anything which contributes to this problem. Management is run on the basis that each individual is an entrepreneur and need to take responsible for him/herself inside the company. This means that each person has the opportunity to extend to his/her full potential within the company supported by the existing infrastructure.


We are an Indian company whose way of conducting ourselves in everyday business and sales is based on a scripture in Proverbs: "Rather a little with justice than much with injustice" and "treat other as you would like them to treat you".

More than 90% of our personnel are under the age of 32 which makes us a very young and hip company. Our clients in the Corporate and IT industry can identify with our sales team and enjoy the energetic and passionate approach we have for what we do.


Career opportunities

Sales executives can work themselves up to sales management level. Administration personnel are introduced to products and pricing structures to enable them to provide back up service in case no one in sales are available for emergencies. Technicians are introduced to new products and equipped to do installations, software upgrades, maintenance, etc.

People Development

All employees are consistently involved in internal and external training to compliment existing and expand knowledge and expertise.

Job security and handling corporate change

Changes in the company are to the benefit of each individual and are vital for the existence of the company. People who perform well are normally not insecure and can handle corporate change very well. People who don't perform as expected are being taken through a process to determine what the problem is if any and dealt with accordingly.


Internal training on sales management system is given to streamline administration and infrastructure to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency on all levels in the office.

Internal sales workshops are being hold on a regular basis to ensure maximum exposure to new strategies. Focus areas for sales training includes: Relationship Management, Sales Cycle Management, Priority Management, Time Management, Personal Management, Expectation Management, Technology Management


The meaning of Innovation says it all "change that creates a new dimension of performance". We encourage staff to be innovative and take initiative in their irrespective areas in the office. This means we create an environment where personnel have part in decision making in their immediate milieu which promotes the general wellbeing, happiness and self worthiness of each individual.


Our mission for the next 5 years is to create a strong infrastructure for Systems Applications which will focus on installations, service and maintenance specifically. In ensuring that we supply the latest technology at affordable prices with efficient, friendly after sales service, we want our clients to feel secure and comfortable with their investment with us!